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Can we please stop complaining!!!
10 months ago no Comment

¬†Ok, So there’s this kid who asks his father for N100 to buy ice cream and he wasn’t immediately given. After asking for about three to four times without getting what he wants, he gets angry and starts complaining to everyone who’d care to listen. His friends at school, playmates at the playground, even his […]

11 months ago 2 Comments

It’s 2:19am and I just can’t sleep. I’ve tried everything humanly possible from reading books to a cold shower, and still falling asleep has become a task as difficult as ruling Nigeria as the president. The thing just weak me. So I might just as well put my wide-awake self to good use, and I […]

11 months ago no Comment

So officially it’s on!!! .. .. Spytolink media is up and I get to put up my observations which can be twisted, funny or sour (depending on how you see it), One thing I know is that there will sure be no dull moments. So recently Falz did a song titled “this is Nigeria” and […]

11 months ago 1 Comment

I have a dream, That one day The new Nigeria of Our dreams will become A reality. I have a dream, That the Niger areas Will once again become A home away from home For travelers and tourists. I have a dream, That one day The worst of us will No more lead the best […]

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