Rivers flow by Jeffery Eromosele.. “Rivers flow” is a very simple song and it was born out of a deep yearning for the reality of the Spirit of God..It’s in that reality that the sick gets healed, dead things come to life and dried stuff are revived; Hence the lyrics of the song..
    We want to see the power of John 7v38 in our world today where we will begin to do everything in the Spirit way and not tradition or assumption…      God is on the throne, the Holy Spirit is among us and all is well..Shalom!

Lyric for Rivers flow

Rivers , Rivers flow in my soul(2x)
There is nothing too dead you can’t bring to life.
There is nothing to sick you cannot heal.
There is nothing too dry you can’t revive..
Rivers rivers flow in my soul..
The Holy spirit presence is here.
Moving from place to place.
Just open up your heart and receive from him.
The rivers it will flow in your soul.
In him I live, in him I move and have my being.
Spirit Spirit take control.
My life my hope is in you oh God.
Let the fountains of lord flow in my soul..
SOLO 3..
Out of my belly shall flow rivers of living waters
How we need this rivers to flow in us
Rivers rivers rivers rivers rivers flowwww flowwww
We are thirsty lord
Flow just flow..

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